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Program Information

The Annual Sharks Winter Holiday Camp* (boys and girls 4-16 years)

Taught under the guidance of our qualified and experienced Chicago Sharks/MMS British and American coaches.

Players will be assigned into groups according to their age and allocated a coach for the entirety of the camp. Each day will focus on one main soccer skill, such as control, dribbling, shooting, passing etc. and concluded with world cup scrimmaging at the end of the day.

*Camp is subject to change if not filled

Camp Dates

22-24th December 2014 (Thursday-Monday)

Camp Times


Camp Prices

$95 per player

Field Location

Chicago Indoor Sports
3900 South Ashland Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60609
View Larger Map

Registration Deadlines

* No applications accepted after 12/20/14

Winter Holiday Camp Includes

  • Registration
  • Chicago Sharks Camp Jersey
  • Professional Training from Chicago Sharks & MMS coaches
  • End of week awards
    (prizes & certificates)

Registration Starts 1st November 2013

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